Carbuzz Survey Shows People Are Still Idiots

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A recent Survey from has shown that 27% of new car buyers will be put off buying a car with the “13” number plate that will be introduced 1 March 2013. For the non idiots superstitious amongst us this is obviously ridiculous, but it could lead to over a quarter of new car sales being affected between March and 23 August.

According to the Carbuzz survey, only 10% were actually put off by the number for superstitious reasons, whilst the other 17% did the opposite and overthought it, claiming they were put off the numbers as it may affect resale values should they want to sell it as a used car.

After rumours that the registration series would change to avoid the number “13”, a DVLA spokesperson said this:

“We recognise that some manufacturers are concerned that superstitious motorists may be wary of buying a new car with the number 13, but any change to the current registration system would be costly to the taxpayer and we cannot justify skipping a number because of superstition.”

We tend to agree and would suggest painting a four leaf clover on the car door to balance it out if you are scared of a number.

Next thing you know garages will be refusing to carry out car servicing because the car in question has a broken wind mirror, and they’re scared of seven years bad luck.

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