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Carbuzz Survey Shows People Are Still Idiots

Posted by admin on Mar 20, 2013 in Carz

A recent Survey from has shown that 27% of new car buyers will be put off buying a car with the “13” number plate that will be introduced 1 March 2013. For the non idiots superstitious amongst us this is obviously ridiculous, but it could lead to over a quarter of new car sales being affected between March and 23 August.

According to the Carbuzz survey, only 10% were actually put off by the number for superstitious reasons, whilst the other 17% did the opposite and overthought it, claiming they were put off the numbers as it may affect resale values should they want to sell it as a used car.

After rumours that the registration series would change to avoid the number “13”, a DVLA spokesperson said this:

“We recognise that some manufacturers are concerned that superstitious motorists may be wary of buying a new car with the number 13, but any change to the current registration system would be costly to the taxpayer and we cannot justify skipping a number because of superstition.”

We tend to agree and would suggest painting a four leaf clover on the car door to balance it out if you are scared of a number.

Next thing you know garages will be refusing to carry out car servicing because the car in question has a broken wind mirror, and they’re scared of seven years bad luck.

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Some Background Info

Posted by admin on Feb 4, 2013 in Carz

The Mercedes M-Class was first introduced in 1997, as a 1998 model.

The vehicle is a 5-door hatchback and was initially available to seat 5, or 7 with an optional third seating row. It received critical acclaim for its wide range of safety features, and boasted a premium interior.mercedes-benz-m-class2_l

All first generation models came fitted with a 5-speed transmission, manual or automatic, with an impressive selection of engines to choose from including a 4.0 litre V8 diesel. The car received a facelift in 2002 featuring a revised exterior with new bumpers and alloy wheels amongst other changes.

The second generation M-Class underwent production from 2005. It was a larger car than its predecessor and all versions were equipped with a 7-speed transmission. Several new engines were available too. In 2009 the car received a minor facelift which saw changes to the headlights and redesigned bumpers amongst other small differences. Moreover, the interior was upgraded and an additional engine was made available.mercedes-benz-m-class_l

The current generation of the Mercedes M-Class has been in production since 2011. The cabin is even more accommodating for passengers, with increased rear seat legroom, and the car boasts improved fuel economy. You can see the savings made on a used m-class on car advertising sites.

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The Mercedes M-Class

Posted by admin on Jan 21, 2013 in Carz

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