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Join us as we share some reviews why have received from those of you who have bought and owned second hand Mercedes Benz Cars. Obviously, all second hand cars are different thanks to a number of variables, the main one being the previous owner, so bare in mind that one person might buy a second hand car that is the exact same model as you, yet have a completely different experience of the car thanks to those variables. So let these reviews influence you to an extent, but you still need to do your own research and get a detailed history of the car you are potentially going to buy… Always request to see the cars MOT and Service documents!

Mercedes Benz CL

The Mercedes Benz CL, where should I start! Well, the beginning, probably. The Mercedes Benz CL has always caught my eye and 5 months ago I decided I was going to stick my middle finger up to a budget, and get one. My second hand Mercedes Benz CL is a 2012 model so it isn’t exactly old, and cost a fair bit… £38,000 in total. My darling wife was pretty angry when I pulled up in it. After 10 minutes driving her around in it however, she realised it was worth blowing the kids inheritance on it.  Technically the Mercedes CL is a coupe, it has 2 doors, though it doesn’t look like your typical coupe, in fact it looks a bit more like a saloon which I like. The performance is better than any I’ve experienced before, yet I prefer to just cruise at a nice speed encouraged by the refined and calm cabin. Speaking of the cabin, the interior is unbelievable! So smart and plush.

Mercedes Benz B Class

Well I did it, I went an bought what is essentially the worst looking car that Mercedes has to offer. I have always championed slogans such as ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, I have always valued practicality over aesthetics, even when it comes to things like hair cuts, yet when I look outside and see my incredibly practical second hand Mercedes Benz B Class, my heart sinks a little be, and i find myself wishing it could just look a bit more sporty. How vain I know. But when I consider the reasons I bought the B Class, I really cannot complain, and as soon as a get inside the care, any doubt and sinking feelings are chased away by how good the car really is. I guess it truly is whats on the inside that counts. It isn’t just a practical car, you do really feel surrounded by luxury in the cabin, and whats more, you are comfortable and get a great view of the road.

Mercedes-Benz CE Class

The Mercedes Benz CE Class is probably what you would refer to as an acquired taste, it hasn’t been made since the mid nineties so it is a very nostalgic car. Because its an old car, you stand to get some excellent deals on the CE Class. The one I bought was a little more expensive, its a twin turbo cabriolet version of the 1993 model. My second hand Mercedes Benz CE Class cost me just under £10,000 which is a steal for me though my friends were all perplexed that I would spend that much money on a car from that period, you could hardly say it’s a classic, yet it is far from new. Personally though I think it is stunning and much better looking than the cars these days. Even the interior is top notch as far as I’m concerned. It drives, like a car from the early 90s, no assisted steering, you have to do everything! This might put off most people but I like it, it involves you in the driving experience like no modern car can.

Mercedes-Benz CLC

My second hand Mercedes Benz CLC coupe is a car that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s prestigious, fast, smooth and wildly impractical. But what do you expect, it’s a two door coupe for crying out loud. You want a practical Merc, get the Mercedes Benz B Class, but if you’re getting the B Class, why get a Merc, you may as well get the Renault Kangoo or a second hand Renault Grand Modus or something. The CLC is a thirsty car, put it that way, but I dare say that if you can afford the CLC, even a second hand model, you probably won’t be too concerned about petrol costs.

Mercedes-Benz GL Class

The Mercedes Benz GL Class isn’t exactly your typical Merc, but it has that typical Merc quality nevertheless. I’ve seen owners described it as a living room on wheels and I can very much see where they are coming from. It is a whopping car, which is what makes it a little different when it comes to Mercedes. It is of course a 4×4. The one that I have has cup holders, but not just any old cup holders, they have a cooling or heating function, so you can set the to keep a warm drink hot, or a cool drink cold. Absolutely unreal! I cant believe they don’t make a bigger deal out of this feature, I hadn’t even heard of it until I was in the show room, now it’s literally the first thing I show anyone when they get in the car. In summary if little bits of tech like this get your gears going, then a second hand Mercedes-Benz GL Class may be the car for you.

Mercedes-Benz CLA Class

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Class is an Estate, but thanks to the design team of Mercedes Benz it’s actually a good looking car by any standard, not simply good looking for an estate car. For me it is the perfect car, it looks aggressive, it offers the good Mercedes Benz performance, drives like a dream, has a luxurious interior and you can use it to carry four with luggage. It really is a fantastic car. I was dubious about the second hand Mercedes-Benz CLA Class at first, seemed like a lot of money.

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