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Whilst this site is dedicated to the M Class we love all Mercs, minus the Mercedes-Benz B Class which we are still waiting to hear an explanation for. Now we are going to look at some of our favourite classics.

Mercedes Benz CE Class

The Mercedes Benz CE Class also known as the Mercedes-Benz W124 is an absolute classic. It was a variant of the 1984 to 1995/6 Mercedes Benz E-Class however upon the cars death in 1995, it wasn’t just left in the shadows of the E-Class but it spawned a new W210 E-Class.  The Mercedes Benz CE Class was well known for it’s innovations in safety, they used an angular body for it which was designed in such a way that allowed the car to crash into a concrete wall, under test conditions, at 35mph without any serious injury. I saw a beautiful example of the Mercedes Benz CE Class when I was browsing used car stock in Tunbridge Wells.

Mercedes Benz CLK Class

The first generation Mercedes Benz CLK ran from 1996-2003 and was designed by Micheal Fink and this was the car that discovered a new market niche for the Mercedes Benz brad. The CLK shared a hell of a lot with the Mercedes E Class, and whilst it had a higher spec level than the E-Class it was actually based on the more affordable C-Class platform.  The Mercedes Benz CLK cabriolet was introduced in 2002.

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