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Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class is a luxury saloon that is giving competitors a serious run for their money. This is possibly the best car in its class and has buyers who would have otherwise gone with an SUV taking another look. The company has combined modern technology with attractive styling and precision engineering to create a well-rounded vehicle.

The S-Class is sophisticated and embodies the principals that have come to make Mercedes a great brand. The car boasts quality build, and head-turning good looks. The company has produced a couple of questionable vehicles in recent years trying to keep up with technology and fad styles, but the S-Class embodies classic and more traditional Mercedes’ style.

The car’s long wheelbase makes its profile unmistakable, and its long length boasts some very elegant lines. The S-Class is not easily matched for looks and the car is more attractive than most of the competitors.

Recently Mercedes has received some criticism for a perceived fall in standards. When buyers are paying premium prices, that should be somewhat expected.

The interior layout of the car’s cabin design makes the car feel classic. The car’s seats provide support and comfort.  and the light, nimble manner in which the car responds to driver input belies its size and weight. The S-Class is simple and pleasant to drive, even on crowded roads.


This car is in the premium sector and has a price that matches. Most of the rival brands offer a higher standard of equipment for less money, but the bottom line is the Mercedes badge counts and buyers are willing to pay more for the image.

The S-Class will sufficiently transport its passengers in style but it wasn’t designed to do much more than that. It won’t accommodate luggage or large cargo.

The cars controls and displays are easy to use and logically located. The driver shouldn’t have any problem at all finding the controls. For the most part they are all where you would expect to find them.

Front seat passengers are showered with comfort, while rear seat passengers don’t make out quite as well. The front seats are uniquely designed with special features geared toward passenger comfort. Seats have a massage feature that can come in handy as well.

The Mercedes Benz S-Class provides easy accessibility for front and rear passengers. The car’s doors open wide and access to the car’s cabin is unhindered. The car’s boot can be accessed via an electronic release. Once mastered the release provides easy access to the boot.

The car comes equipped with Mecedes’ Parktronic Sensor system. This system comes in handy while parking this car due to the long length of the vehicle. The S-Class is wide and is a significantly difficult car to park.

Life Style

The car offers an impressive ride with excellent handling for a car this size. The car offers good acceleration and the car’s suspension system helps to deliver a comfortable ride. Selecting Sports mode will sharpen the car’s responses considerably.

This is not a suitable family car. It is not designed to be kid friendly and children could cause a lot of expensive damage to the car’s interior in a very short amount of time.

This is not a good first car for anyone. The car is completely unsuitable for novice drivers. Not to mention that it would be difficult to find an insurance company willing to provide coverage.

The S-Class has a definite image which sets it apart from the likes of the Lexus LS. Only certain people can afford them. Used S-Classes often end up as work related transport vehicles.

Security and Safety

These are highly sought after vehicles and may be targeted by many bad elements. It is better to keep these cars in highly secure garages. They come equipped with standard security alarm systems, and an optional tracking system is available and highly recommended.

Mercedes’ Pre-Safe system can detect an impending crash and activates the necessary safety features. The system not only minimizes injuries, it’s actually capable of saving lives.

The Finishing Touches

As standard the car comes with Mercedes’ COMAND system. It includes a radio/CD/DVD drive in the centre console and DVD navigation in the luggage compartment. S 500 models gain a multichanger. A DVD system is also available.

The S-Class looks most attractive in either a silver or black color. Any other color looks odd and out of place. The car’s interior boasts a high level of quality. Mercedes close attention to detail is very evident in the car’s cabin.


The car delivers a fast and comfortable ride. This car tends to be a favorite among business moguls. The car’s class and ability speaks for itself. Its rivals include the BMW 7 Series, the Porsche Panamera and the Audi A8.

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